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Mission statement

Our mission is to bring a positive impact by creating a vivid and diverse environment by means of architecture.

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Mei + Kristall, an initiative of Mei architects and planners and Kristall agency, is a collaboration specializing in the transformation of buildings and new build residential architecture. Our collective aim is to produce vivid and iconic buildings and environments where people can thrive.

We believe that international collaboration is beneficial for both sides and is highly fruitful in many ways, that`s why we always strive to work internationally. Our extensive portfolio includes projects in (amongst other countries) the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Russia.

About Mei architects and planners

Mei architects and planners realises leading projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Our work is founded on respect for the environment: for the history of the location, the current context and future living environment. Based on our expertise in the field of adaptive re-use of architectural heritage, new build projects and urban development strategies, we work on designs that put the user first.

Visit the website of Mei architects and planners

About Kristall agency

Crystal Agency is engaged in the redevelopment of industrial areas and historical buildings, preserving their cultural heritage and architectural value. To achieve the goals of the projects, we calculate the economy of the territories, create a marketing structure, develop functional programming, and design architecture and landscape.

Visit the website of Kristal agency

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